Responsible Business (ESG)

  • Environmental Protection
  • Sustainability Management
  • Social Impact Analysis
  • Stakeholder Governance

This practice area serves as an Environmental and Sustainability Consulting business in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Sustainability compliance, disclosure and reporting for companies or organizations. The strength of this practice area lies in the Environmental component of ESG (including International experience), and it can also provide quality services in the Governance component of ESG as well. Also, this practice area provides services in the Social component of ESG by utilizing strong internal resources.

We serve our clients ensuring their strong commitment to ESG and Sustainability practices, conducting initial assessments, setting up baseline, setting up ESG and Sustainability goals, reporting on ESG and Sustainability metrics, analyzing ESG and Sustainability KPIs, building ESG and Sustainability plans and doing performance checks and identifying gaps.

This practice area offers core services in sync with the three pillars of ESG:
Environment (Environmental Footprint, GHG Emissions Reduction and Decarbonization)
Social (Diversity and Inclusion, Gender Equality and Business & Human Rights)
Governance (Stakeholder Governance, Risk Management and Ethical Business)

Apart from the above core services this practice area also provides the following add-on services depending on the client requirements.
Environment (Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality, Circular Economy and Climate Change)
Social (Employee Health & Safety and Training & Development)
Governance (Compliance and Anti-Corruption)

We provide consulting services to clients to improve their ESG scores by reducing their risk exposure and improve their overall performance on ESG metrics through implementation of ESG and Sustainability in Supply Chain, analysis and reduction of impacts of Physical and Market Risks associated with Climate Change and enhancement of Climate Change Adaptability.