Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Social protection 
  • Business human rights 
  • Women empowerment and gender equality
  • Safe migration 
  • Social inclusion 
  • Diversity 

The practice area delivers projects focused on women empowerment, broader gender issues, diversity and social inclusion.  Our practice is strongly aligned to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and is focused on promoting and facilitating adoption of social and economic development policies, practices and programmes for the benefit of marginalised and vulnerable sections of society. 

We have provided services to not-for-profit sector, private sector and international organisations on upliftment of women belonging to marginalized sections of society, social protection for migrants, business human rights, sensitization of private sector on issues of concern for women workers as well as gender equality programmes.

In our gender equality programmes we reached over 25,000 workers in 19 garment factories. Subsequently through safe migration programme (2019-20202) of M&S and BHC we reached out to almost 4,000 people, almost 10,000 people through Business and Human rights of women migrant workers of UNDP project (2020-2021) and 2200 workers trained through Sandvik/PHIA foundation supported project (2020-2021).

In our work with UNDP on social protection scheme, we reached a population of nearly 100,000 people in the state of Jharkhand. More than Indian Rupees 600 million worth of financial linkages established, with a cash benefit of 16 million Rupees and insurance benefit of 50 million Rupees. 

We partnered with UNDP in the BHR+Asia programme under which we enabled innovative approaches for greater awareness and access to remedies for rights holders’ (especially women and indigenous communities’ rights) facing adverse human rights impact within the context of business and human rights benefitting over 10,000 people.  We also promoted advocacy, through constructive dialogue with media and business, on issues faced by rights holders in context of business and human rights. We have also highlighted the plight and requirements of migrants impacted by COVID-19 in collaborative forums.

We provide training, capacity building, workplace programmes, gender sensitive communication, PoSH training and facilitation, awareness and sensitisation on gender and diversity, skill-building and facilitation of career progression mechanisms for the social and economically vulnerable sections.

Overall, we have reached over 150,000 beneficiaries through our programmes under GDI.