Empanelment Of Service Providers/Vendors

Change Alliance (www.changealliance.in ) is a development sector and social impact advisory. We partner with businesses, foundations, government and civil society to find solutions to create a more equitable and just world where everyone has an opportunity to grow, prosper and lead a dignified life. In order to strengthen its delivery of programmes, we work with vendors/service providers in the following areas of work:

  • NGOs/Agencies with experience of implementing programmes and projects and keen on taking up implementation work on contractual basis
  • NGOs/Agencies with experience of conducting community level surveys, monitoring and evaluation in different geographic locations, and who can work on contractual basis
  • NGOs/Agencies experienced in conducting trainings on PoSH, gender and women empowerment, especially in workplaces
  • Data collection and survey agencies, preferably with extensive experience of working for social sector/government/non-governmental organisations, with proven track record of quantitative and qualitative surveys
  • Designers and printers for communication materials such as posters,
  • Developers of technology/app-based survey tools developers
  • Rental service providers of tablets for survey purposes

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