Empanelment Of Consultants

Change Alliance ( www.changealliance.in) is a development sector and social impact advisory. We have been present in India for more than 50 years through our programmes especially targeting marginal, socially excluded and vulnerable sections of society. We at Change Alliance believe that every human irrespective of his caste, colour, race or economic background deserves a life of equality, justice and dignity. We partner with businesses, foundations, government and civil society to find solutions to create a more equitable and just world where everyone has an opportunity to grow, prosper and lead a dignified life. In order to strengthen its delivery of programmes, we work with external consultants in assignments designed to create social impact. These assignments range from research, analysis, data collection, reporting, field studies, proposal writing, consultancy, knowledge advisory, programme implementation and events. Consultancy opportunities We would like to empanel social sector professionals in the capacity of consultants to support us in working with private sector, government, not-for-profit organisations and foundations in the areas of gender empowerment, research, impact studies, M&E, corporate social responsibility, responsible business and government programmes.

Core Responsibilities As a consultant you will be expected to:

  • Designing research and impact evaluations
  • Developing study tools, manging data collection, analysis and report writing
  • Design effective solutions, programmes, products and IEC material
  • Manage and implement the activities/interventions across different geographic locations
  • Write proposals, develop concepts, work on research assignments, participate in donor/client meetings, contribute in monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Training on Gender Equality and Prevention of sexual harassment at workplace
  • Training of women on career progression, life skills, health and safety and financial inclusion for women
  • Support and help coordinate the implementation of gender, diversity and inclusion programmes
  • Community intervention on gender equality
  • Monitor, document data, evidence, and measurement to determine replicability, scale up and business case of the intervention
  • Write case studies, conduct and supervise field surveys, analyse and review data, contribute to finalising report
  • Travel to urban/rural locations across India. Some of the assignments, especially in impact assessment and research, may involve extensive travel and stay outside the location of the candidate.

The consultants will have a good understanding and hands-on experience of their subject, be self-motivated and energised people, working well individually and as part of a diversified team. Duration of Consultancy: The consultancy duration varies depending on the assignment and can be from a week to 9 months. Geographic location: Anywhere in India Qualification, core knowledge and skills: We are looking for people who enjoy the opportunity of working on complex problems and collectively creating solutions that have the potential for transformative change in the lives of people. You must be prepared to work across a diverse set of disciplines, bridging a wide range of expertise all the while being a team player, with a demonstrated ability to work with flexibility, efficiency and diplomacy in an exciting, challenging environment

  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in one or more of development sector programmes in designing, implementing, monitoring, assessments, evaluation, studies, field work, research, analysis, report writing, communications, presentations, training, capacity building, NGO due diligence, finance and business development Ability to multi-task and set priorities in an efficient and self-managed, self-motivated manner
  • Preferred having some hands-on expertise in research, data analysis, gender/women programmes and interventions, corporate social responsibility/responsible business/sustainability, understanding of supply chain CSR, interventions and programmes, livelihood and skill-building, impact assessments and government supported social sector projects Excellent written, facilitation, and oral communications skills effective with a broad and diverse audience
  • Professional/academic qualification in management, economics, quantitative sciences, social sciences, health, education, gender, rural development, social work, communications, research, finance, environment, sustainability or corporate social responsibility

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