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We believe that every human irrespective of his caste, colour, race or economic background deserves a life of equality, justice and dignity. In order to achieve that, we partner with businesses, foundations, government and civil society to find solutions to create a more equitable and just world where everyone has an opportunity to grow, prosper and lead a dignified life.

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The numbers testify our commitment to make the world a better place.

We continue to partner with people and organisations willing to walk the extra mile for achieving that.

  • Devender Malto : Life of a community hero transformed through education

    Paharia tribe has been stuck in the cycle of poverty and exploitation for many years. Education seems to be the only way out for the children but because of the lack of resources, they are married at ...Read More +
  • Seva Bai : How Change Alliance and SHARC-ENSS paved Seva Bai’s road to freedom

    Because her sister couldn’t bear children, Seva Bai was married to her brother-in-law when she was 15. At 18, her husband died in a car crash and she was a widow with one little child and another on...Read More +