Center of Excellence, Case Study & Strategic Inputs


Children Believe, formerly Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) which promotes its strategic intent through child-centred community development as a culmination of its lived-beliefs and authentic experiences by evolving Centres of Excellences in six areas in its 6 country offices. Children Believe works on breaking barriers to education and ensure equal access to quality and inclusive education. A specific focus on girl children and deepening the understanding around systemic and structural causes and barriers is an integral part of the organisational approach. It aspires to build its a Centre of Excellence (CoE) around Social Inclusion and Gender.

About the Project

Children Believe works to ensure that the strategic impact is achieved through the following six strategic priorities:

  1. Position CCFC India as a centre for excellence on social inclusion based on caste and gender
  2. Deepen our impact through strengthening the agency of children and young people for protecting and advocating child rights and gender equality especially for those marginalized groups (caste and gender)
  3. Prioritize working on the issues of women and girls and working with men and boys for behavioral and attitudinal change
  4. Increase our influence to bridge the policy – practice gap for children and young people
  5. Promote and nurture a culture of innovation
  6. Promote continuous improvement