We help our clients with strategic social impact services, which include impact evaluations, monitoring, project development and implementation, quality management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability interventions.

We work with our clients to understand the goals behind their social impact interventions and strive to develop an understanding of the causal factors and contribution of programmatic inputs before, during and at closing stages of projects. We aim to provide evidence-based information and the stories behind the information so that programmes are strengthened, stay relevant, deliver optimal outcomes, and bring desired impact in the lives of target beneficiaries and achieve the objectives set under project framework.

We have technical capacities for working on a variety of thematic areas and project dimensions and are guided by a set of key principles.

  • Human Centric: our humane approach helps us understand the real impact of the projects and programmes
  • Participatory: In order to bring a sense of ownership among stakeholders, our approach ensures space and voice for communities and beneficiaries
  • Fair Assessment: committed to objective, unbiased, and transparent assessment of information.
  • Facilitative: we adopt solution-oriented approach which helps us understand the ground realities and
  • Tailormade and customised: We avoid a one-size-fit-all approach. Decades of experience, flexible mode of operation, association with leading development practitioners and a diverse network help us focus on the distinct nature and uniqueness each project

We also empower our clients by offering a broad suite of services and solutions which span the lifecycle of their project needs and the breadth of established and emerging social development strategies and technologies.

The services offered by impact advisory are as below:

End-to-end monitoring and evaluation support to projects and programmes: Under this area, we focus on extending tailor made monitoring and evaluation services to our clients, which helps them measure the need, iterate their programme goals, and achieve their vision, mission, and goals for creating social impact effectively. We help in developing strategies, consolidate, and revitalise the existing models for social change, help our clients in transforming ideas and execute replicable models. We conduct baseline, Mid-Term and End-Term Evaluations of a designated programme or project to help our clients to create large-scale impact by extending end to end service through the life cycle of the project, including research, establishing situation, project progress monitoring, impact evaluation, assessing social return on investment.

Impact Assessment: We assess direct as well as in-direct socio-economic impact of programme intervention on the lives of the target groups / communities over time. While doing this we also analyse the journey to see the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, and accountability of the programmes/projects. At times we analyse the mobility matrix to establishing the attribution, identify the reasons for change or no-change and the level of change i.e., social Impact maturity assessment. We also help our clients to determine the social return on investment.

Organisational Assessments: We also undertake comprehensive assessment of all aspects of an organization to help them to take critical decisions for the future organizational growth and development. Organizational assessment comprises an in-depth analysis of an organization’s internal governance, management systems, programmes, policies, and overall capacities, in comparison to the business they do and to provide recommendations for better organizational strategies and synergy, for increasing the overall organizational relevance and effectiveness.

Feasibility Studies/pre-funding assessments: We undertake feasibility studies for donor organisations (multilateral, bilateral and funding bodies), businesses or NGOs that can be considered for implementation of programmes, projects, and CSR initiatives. The appraisal is carried out to ensure that the NGO concerned has updated policies, procedures, management systems and capacities for programme execution, as well as to identify areas where further capacity building may be required. We also assess the feasibility of an intervention in a new geography to help our donors/clients to understand their stakeholders and help clients by developing intervention strategies specific to geography and theme.

Monitoring: We support our clients by extending services of periodic assessment of their projects and programmes by assessing the level of implementation of defined activities and attainment of corresponding outputs and results for an ongoing project or programme. We delve deep into the process of implementation (process monitoring) to evaluate activities and accomplishments to generate a detailed assessment of progress made against project framework.

Research and study: We help our clients by sharing perspectives of stakeholders and help them manage the ecosystem. We co-create strategies, partnerships, prepare detailed project reports, create benchmarks and frameworks.

CSR and sustainability services: Our engagements with business, corporate foundations and impact investors include:

  • End-to-end support for corporate social responsibility (CSR) planning, execution, reporting and disclosure
  • Identification of NGOs, due diligence and compliance guidance
  • Programme quality control and management
  • Monitoring, evaluation and assessment 
  • Research and study
  • Strategic planning on CSR, corporate sustainability and community engagements
  • Facilitate programmes linking corporate and community priorities
  • Conceptualising and implementing programmes