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In India, the economic growth of the last couple of decades contrasts sharply with the inequality that still exists in society. The government has prioritised inclusive and sustainable growth, but a substantial portion of the population still experiences a lack of equal access and opportunities to realise their full potential. In this challenging context, Change Alliance is looking to forge alliances, bridge the social and economic gap and make growth inclusive and sustainable. Change Alliance provides market-leading development services and training, high quality technical and advisory consultancy, and capacity building to the development and private sectors and to government.

We offer breadth of expertise and extensive reach. Our portfolio of established relationships with civil society organisations provides natural entry points for projects on various development issues which cut across social and geographical divisions.

We are committed to working in partnership as a catalyst for change and we understand the need to bring strategic stakeholders together to tackle complex challenges in a fast-moving development landscape.

Change Alliance brings development programmes to life and truly changes lives.

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Strategic partnerships

Change Alliance recognises that people and organisations no longer want to simply give, but to invest and participate in development too. We believe we have a significant role to play in this changing development landscape.

Philanthropists, foundations, businesses and other organisations want to work with NGOs on programmes which have a long-term sustainable impact and are aligned with their strategies.

Change Alliance is an ideal technical partner for such projects, with our firm grasp of the grassroots, our networks and our experience of engaging with local communities.

We recognise that the best way to address the complexity and enormity of development issues is through collaborative and collective efforts. Change Alliance leverages its expertise, resources and relationships with like-minded stakeholders from the government, development and private sectors to achieve greater impact.

We believe that local organisations are best placed to address local issues – so we seek to address social, political and economic issues by developing and nurturing partnerships.

We are connected with more than 300 partners, institutions, organisations and communities in most parts of India who can help us deliver all types of development programmes.

New opportunities

Change Alliance is based in New Delhi, but we work on projects across South Asia and beyond.

Change Alliance launches at a time when the development landscape is changing fast. Many agencies are exploring different and more relevant ways of working in middle income countries with high levels of poverty and inequality. Through Change Alliance, there are exciting and innovative new opportunities for Christian Aid’s experience, expertise, capabilities to be used in India, South Asia and globally.