Who We Are

We believe that every human irrespective of his caste, colour, race or economic background deserves a life of equality, justice and dignity. In order to achieve that, we partner with businesses, foundations, government and civil society to find solutions to create a more equitable and just world where everyone has an opportunity to grow, prosper and lead a dignified life.


Changing lives through inclusive growth and sustainable development for a better tomorrow.


  • Change Alliance offers market-leading development services & training and quality technical & advisory consultancy.
  • We provide consultancy for efficient and high-impact sustainable development programmes delivered with professionalism, innovation and integrity alongside organisations in the development and private sectors.
  • We offer a unique combination of proven track-record, breadth of expertise and extensive reach to impact the gap between policy and practice. With 50 years of experience in working with civil society in South Asia, we can bridge the divide between our clients and communities through our longstanding links to organisations who reach the last mile.
  • We not only design better programmes but have the relationships, experience and leadership required to bring them to life on the ground and ensure they are truly changing people’s lives.
  • We understand the need to bring strategic stakeholders together to tackle complex challenges in a fast-moving development landscape.


  • Quality and professionalism: We provide high quality professional services and technical support to our clients. This, in turn, we believe will help bridge the gap and bring measurable impact on communities and people’s lives.
  • Collaboration and partnership: We work in a spirit of collaboration and partnership with organisations towards achieving a common purpose and goal.
  • Accountability and impact: We believe in transparent and accountable development and the principle of value for money.
  • Learning and sharing: We believe in mutual sharing of knowledge and best practices to help bring change.
  • Honesty and respect: We place honesty and respect for others at the heart of what we do – the people and communities we reach through programmes, partner organisations and our clients.
  • Innovation and scale: We believe in innovative and replicable approaches for driving us towards inclusive development at scale.
  • Equity and inclusion: We seek solutions to poverty issues and to change lives through inclusive and equitable development.