Process document on women migrant workers in garment sector

Change Alliance was selected by UNDP as the implementing partner in India. The process document captures the interventions by Change Alliance to reach out to women migrant workers in garment sector, their families and community members and various other key stakeholders through awareness programmes and advocacy meetings. The project was under implementation during January-November 2021 reached 10,866 people. A total of 1,315 women migrant workers directly by linking them with skill development, employment, and social protection scheme and a total 6,575 people indirectly.

Experiences of women migrant workers in garment sector

The video captures the experiences of women migrant workers under the project supported by UNDP and B+HR Asia on devising innovative approaches for greater awareness and access to remedies for right holders’ subject to adverse human rights impacts (especially women’s rights) within the context of business and human rights narrative of the country (India) implemented by Change Alliance


The video is developed internally by Change Alliance team to cover project, “Promoting Responsible Migration in Garment Supply Chain” having four components viz status report on causes and impact of migration on women migrant workers, training for factory management and workers, awareness programmes for community members and families and policy advocacy with key stakeholders. This video has very comprehensively covered Business and Human Rights and overall experience of migration.