Gender Equality Programme (GEP) in Garment sector

To achieve the objective of promoting gender equality in garment factories, and empowering women workers by creating a safe working environment, Change Alliance implemented a Gender Equality program, which was supported by British High Commission along with UK’s four apparel brands Marks & Spencer, Superdry, Mothercare and Levi Strauss & Co., in 11 factories. This video tries to capture the impact of the programme contributing to women empowerment and safe workplace.


A young girl who never attended school, Arshadi is now able to take care of herself and her family through the skills imparted by the Dhaani project of CA and partner organisation ANHAD.


Working as a daily wage labourer, Najbun found it increasingly difficult to take care of her family of nine children. Through the intervention of Dhaani, a project of CA and ANHAD, she does not need to work as a labourer anymore. With the skills learnt from this project not only is she able to take better care of her family but of her village as well.