Devender Malto :

Life of a community hero transformed through education

Paharia tribe has been stuck in the cycle of poverty and exploitation for many years. Education seems to be the only way out for the children but because of the lack of resources, they are married at a young age and have to hunt for food.
Change Alliance stepped in to give the tribe a new perspective on education. Educating adivasi children is crucial because it motivates them to take responsibility for their community and live a dignified life. With that aim, Change Alliance’s partner Paharia Seva Samiti (PSS) started 8 primary model schools in the remote villages of Sahib Ganj and Pakur. Along with basic education, children are taught about tribal history, stories of their heroes, cultural heritage and values.

Devender Malto, a part of the Paharia community, currently teaches at the PSS Model School. Pursuing B.Sc from Pakur, Devender was teaching at a local school. But a desire to serve his community brought him back to the PSS Model School, where he was once a student himself. Father Chacko from PSS gave Devender the opportunity to be able to give back to his community, something he desperately sought.

Like Devender, many youths who studied in PSS have become community leaders or teachers in PSS run schools. Currently, 2400 tribal community children, out of which 40% are girls, are studying in these schools.