Seva Bai : Literacy brings more freedom than ever before

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Member of Change Alliance partner Single Women’s Association (SWA) Seva Bai, 38, attends a meeting at ASTHA’s learning centre in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Seva Bai’s sister could not bear children, so her family offered 15-year-old Seva Bai to her sister’s husband as a second wife. Three years later, with one small child and a second on the way, her husband died in a car crash and Seva Bai found herself an 18-year-old widow. Forced to remain in the house and to wear dark clothes, a prisoner in her own home, Seva Bai felt her young life to be over before it had even begun. Participating in SWA meetings has given her the strength and confidence to live a full life, and new reading and writing skills thanks to SWA literacy classes bring more freedom than ever before.

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