CSR consultancy

Change Alliance is well-placed to design and manage development programmes for private sector organisations under their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

We have a unique reach into India’s most marginalised communities through our long-held connections with many civil society organisations. For companies looking to reach the last mile, Change Alliance can bridge the gap with tailor-made CSR programmes which are better planned and brought to life on the ground. With its multi-disciplinary capabilities, thorough understanding of the social sector landscape and wide reach across the country, Change Alliance is the ideal partner for offering end-to-end solutions for design, development and implementation of CSR initiatives of corporates.

Change Alliance can promise programmes of real impact – demonstrated not just through numbers but true stories of deep and lasting change.


Management advisory

Change Alliance understands the needs of social enterprises and provides various specialised services for such enterprises at every stage of their evolution process.

Change Alliance provides management consultancy services to start-up and mature social enterprises and helps them achieve their full potential and to scale-up, as and when required. We also understand that the social sector landscape differs from the corporate landscape in certain significant ways, therefore, the needs and objectives of social enterprises are different from the typical corporate goals and ambitions. This understanding is integral to every solution that we offer.

Change Alliance offers services for designing strategies and plans, undertaking surveys and assessments, and offers various managerial and other skill based training to social enterprises.


Monitoring, evaluation and research

Our consultants can also provide stand-alone monitoring and evaluation services to capture the impact of development projects, including baseline studies, mid-term and end of project reviews, and the documentation of best practices.

Change Alliance launches at a time when the development landscape is changing fast. Many agencies are exploring different and more relevant ways of working in middle income countries with high levels of poverty and inequality. Through Change Alliance, there are exciting and innovative new opportunities for Christian Aid’s experience, expertise, capabilities to be used in India, South Asia and globally.

Technical, advisory and knowledge services

Change Alliance has access to techniques, tools, models and approaches which can underpin and drive development programmes across a spectrum of thematic areas.

These concepts have been systematically developed over many years through practice and experience of real projects on the ground in India, South Asia and beyond.

Our experienced team will support and advise clients in how to apply these tools, models and knowledge to new contexts and challenges.


Training and capacity building

Our team of qualified trainers offer a range of training and capacity building services around social exclusion, gender, pro-poor markets and emergency response and humanitarian relief.

Specifically, we can offer organisations training in affirmative action, diversity, gender and social exclusion sensitisation, gender and social equity audits, EMMA (Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis) and PVCA (Participatory Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment).

Pro-poor market development

Change Alliance specialises in identifying, assessing, conceiving and delivering viable, sustainable and innovative solutions for social enterprises working with vulnerable and excluded communities – our team has delivered projects in Orissa, Bihar, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu reaching more than 100,000 households.

Disaster management

Our consultants are skilled and experienced in the development of rapid and detailed response strategies in the aftermath of natural disasters, conflict and complex emergencies.

We use EMMA (Emergency Market Mapping Analysis), a tool that quickly assesses critical market systems to understand the current situation on the ground, gaps in general and markets in particular leading to plan strategic responses.