Design and management of programmes


Design and management of programmes

Change Alliance’s multi-disciplinary team has wide experience in delivering large, results-driven programmes that cut across social divides and reach the most remote and challenging areas of India and South Asia.We offer a full programme management package of design and implementation, financial management and other organisational development and support, stakeholder consultation, and high quality research and documentation, monitoring and evaluation.

Our team has decades of experience in delivering large social inclusion, entitlements, humanitarian relief and livelihood and pro-poor market development programmes across the region. We can take programmes to scale within a short time span.


Building resilient livelihoods has been an important focus for Change Alliance. We have undertaken various livelihoods projects in Rajasthan, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu involving marginalised communities.

These projects have delivered sustainable livelihood models in poor villages, opening up new employment options, providing them with more secure incomes and raising their standard of living.


Skill development

Effective skill development programmes encompass other speciality verticals such as education, livelihood and healthcare.

Realising its importance, Change Alliance has been working towards developing training modules and curriculum for imparting market oriented and financially remunerative skill development programmes. Our programmes are designed not only to impart the necessary skills but to follow it up with providing support in placement of the trainees as well.


Our experience of working in the education sector comes through Christian Aid, our parent organisation and the management consultant to UK Department for International Development’s flagship PACS (Poorest Areas Civil Society) programme.

Work has focused on addressing the issues of the enrolment, retention, transition, inclusion of children, and greater accountability and transparency around quality education for all.



Our team is widely experienced in healthcare programmes. We can develop pilot projects and field trials, scale up existing programmes and design and implement new initiatives.

Change Alliance can draw on its networks across India to reach the last mile with effective and soundly evaluated healthcare programmes.


Sanitation is a critical area in the development sector, in both urban and rural parts of India. Change Alliance has been working closely with civil society organisations on sanitation and associated services.

We understand the core issues around sanitation and how to develop effective strategies to address them, and can put this knowledge to good use to scale up and roll out similar programmes in other communities across India.



Change Alliance has designed and developed sustainable agriculture models for farmers in various states across India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

These programmes have introduced organic cultivation methods, climate information systems and innovative marketing mechanisms to these farmers. This enables them to adopt environmentally friendly practices, ensures better protection against crop damage and helps them get a better price for their produce at market.


Sustainability and sustainable technologies are an important part of any discourse in the development sector today. Our consultants are innovators in sustainable technologies used in development.

In alternative energy, transport or water, our specialists can design pilot projects, undertake trials and feasibility studies, as well as implement projects in remote corners of India through our wide network of partner organisations.


Social inclusion

Change Alliance specialises in programmes which address issues of social inclusion related to caste, ethnicity and gender, with a special focus on women.

Our team has wide expertise in designing and delivering programmes which target the most excluded communities in India including Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

We work with clients to develop programmes founded on the principles of inclusive growth to empower these communities and address growing inequalities in society.

Climate change

Our team has worked with civil society organisations and vulnerable communities in taking effective action to adapt to changing climates and reduce the impact of disasters when they strike.

Change Alliance has gained an understanding of climate change adaptation through research and simulations, especially in the green energy sector.